Welcome to the heart of Ribatejo, a region rich in culture, tradition and natural beauty. Situated on the right bank of the Tagus River, the region of Benavente and its surroundings is a true hidden treasure in central Portugal. With its vast plains, lush green fields, and charming historic villages, the region is a paradise for nature and culture lovers. The gastronomy is also one of the highlights, with traditional dishes that will delight your palate.

Come and discover all that this region has to offer, and take with you memories and experiences that will last forever.

The region offers outdoor activities such as:
• Golf (Ribagolfe)
• Horseback Riding and Horse Riding
• Hot air ballooning (Windpassenger)
• Wine tasting (Companhia das Lezirias)
• Water sports: jet skiing, canoeing, paddle surfing, (Nautispot)
• Arborism, Climbing, Slide and Trampoline (Nautispot)
• Birdwatching (EVOA Tagus Estuary)
• Flight Baptism (Benavente Aerodrome)
• Pedestrian Walks (Lezirias Route)
• River Beach of Sorraia
• Fluvial Beach of Coruche
• Municipal Swimming Pools of Coruche